Farm & Agriculture

Your farm is a business. The farming industry is rapidly changing. Small farms and big farms alike face unique legal challenges, and our law firm can help you navigate this increasingly complex legal landscape.

Farm Sales, Leases, and Cash Rent Agreements

Our law firm has been assisting clients in the marketing and transfer of their farm real estate for decades. We also assist clients in negotiating, reviewing, and enforcing cash rent and crop sharing agreements. You have too much invested to leave these arrangements to a handshake or to sign agreements without a professional review.

Vendors & Supplier Contracts

The success of farming and agricultural activities does not just come down to the efforts of the farmer or property owner. A number of suppliers and vendors also contribute to your success by supplying seed, chemicals, services, equipment, and transportation. Dumas, Weist, Mahnesmith & Wright, LLC can negotiate and memorialize these business transactions in vendor and supplier contracts.


Business Formation & Succession Planning

The formation of a business entity, such as an LLC, a corporation, or a partnership, can enhance the performance of your business while providing critical protection for your home and other personal assets. Our lawyers can provide the advice and guidance you need in deciding the proper entity or entities to fit your needs. We can also provide succession planning advice to ensure that your farm stays in your family and to minimize disputes and conflicts as the farm passes from one generation to the next.