Creditors’ Rights & Collections

The efficient and effective collection of debts is crucial to the success of your business. We are experienced in assisting financial institutions and other businesses in protecting their collateral and securing repayment of debts. We handle foreclosure, replevin actions, small claims matters, garnishments, and loan document preparation, among other services.


Collections & Foreclosures

Our lawyers help clients navigate the complex process of collecting debts, securing collateral, avoiding or mitigating defaults, and negotiating and securing settlements of debts. We handle residential and commercial foreclosures, consumer collections, garnishments, mechanics liens, loan forbearance agreements, loan renegotiations, replevin actions and asset seizures and sales.

Loan Document Preparation

When unique lending situations arise, our lawyers can help identify and draft the documents necessary to properly secure the loan. Among the documents we prepare are loan agreements mortgages, promissory notes, subordination agreements, guaranty documents, pledge agreements, intercreditor agreements, assignments of rents or income, participation agreements, and UCC filings.